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Studies have proven that seniors who have strong community connections and high levels of regular 1:1 social engagement enjoy better quality of life and experience superior overall health and wellness.
Relieves impacts of social isolation such as stress, anxiety, boredom, negative behaviour and withdrawal from or loss of interest in favourite hobbies by providing companionship and engagement in meaningful activities.
Customized games, exercises and activities that engage and protect cognitive function. Keeping the brain healthy by using it!
Once every few months our staff will go through a government-approved falls prevention checklist to help minimize the risk and dangers of having a fall. There may be things like loose rugs, extension cords, or items left on the floor that can be identified. We can provide the encouragement to address them.
A short sequence of weekly questions that may help identify changes in things like sleep, eating, emotional status, and social network that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Any concerns are then flagged to the family or substitute decision maker. * requires signed consent by the person receiving the service or their POA / Substitute Decision Maker to share personal health information. ** Please note our staff are not nurses, do not have medical training and will likely not be able to take any actual action beyond notifying a responsible contact person of the concern.
Activities aligned with the client’s leisure interests and hobbies are explored and customized plans are created to be both entertaining and functional. Discussion and “homework” will add structure to each day and promote a sense of purpose.
Elevate the interaction and fun with this a la carte item. Custom-tailored boxes will be shipped that complement the sessions plus provide engagement and pleasure the rest of the time. Boxes can contain items that are fun, smell great, feel good, informative to read, engaging to discuss or interesting to look at, all uniquely suited to each person. * additional charges will apply
Weekly summaries and insights into how the program is progressing are emailed to the family. * NOTE: to share personal health information we require signed consent by person receiving service or their POA / Substitute Decision Maker

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